about me.


Ello! I am a creative writer and designer from Raleigh, North Carolina. I am attending the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, receiving my bachelor’s degree in Media and Journalism, specializing in Advertising and Public Relations. Additionally, I am striving for a minor in Spanish. In my community, I work with BlackInk, a Black student-led newspaper, highlighting Black stories and experiences.

Inspirations + Aspirations.

Without a doubt, my greatest inspiration is my grandmother, Evelyn. She was an artist, of sorts, designing and creating everyday clothes and wedding dresses and writing poetry. But, most importantly, she advocated for Black women around her, fighting for their rights and empowerment. In whatever way my career leads me, I wish to carry my Grandma Evelyn’s mentality– “to use the hands given to you for the good of the people.”

Current favorite song: